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We are DGC.

A UK-Based indie game dev studio.

We make games. Simple as that.

Here at DGC, we strive to create high-quality games that will be as enjoyable in a decade as they are today.

Our core values form the basis of everything we create, and we aim to never break them, no matter how large we may become.

We try to make our games as fun and engaging for our users as possible, while still keeping them sustainable for our team of designers and programmers.

We’ve got a newsletter.

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We’ve got also got a devlog.

Want to keep up with a more direct blog-style stream of text on what we’re up to? The DevLog is also a great place to keep up!

Here’s the latest few logs!


Log #9 – Jumping Ship, Fees, and Bad Decisions

Log #9 - updated.[UPDATE: 24/09/23] We've recieved an email from Unity stating their changes to their plan. And, to put it shortly, we are sticking with Unity, at least for now. Put the pitchforks down. Yes, we have stated that we are no longer going to work with them...

Log #8 – UI, Stress and Google Play

Log #8 Again, another long break with nothing but radio silence? What have we been up to now? most likely what you may or may not be thinking. We've been put under a lot of stress recently, and I was really busy on finishing Flappy Disk, which I'll touch on...

Log #7 – Flappy Disk, Burnout, and Reminiscing

Log #7It's.. definitely been a while.. again. I've gone through quite a big burnout, and really not knowing what to work on, or not liking the project I was working on. It's still kind of going on, but my creative juices are slowly starting to flow again.  So, what...

Log #6 | Servers, cool tools, and self-hosting

Log #6It's been a hot second. Right, back to this! So, welcome back to another log! This time, as you may see from the title, we're gonna be talking about some cool self-hosted things that you can run on a server you have at home!  1. Notes with Standard Notes I've...

Log #5 | Success, Failure, and Struggling.

Log #5Hello everyone! Welcome back to another DevLog! It's been a while, for a few reasons. One: I've been on holiday, spending time with family, and not thinking that much about creating games. Two: I have been thinking, however, about potential game ideas, since my...

Log #4 | Ads, Integration and a lot of patience.

Log #4Hello everyone and welcome to another Devlog! Don't look at the date. Okay... It's been that long...  Anyhow..  I have reasons this time! I've been waiting on stupid things to work together. For example: Google Play and Unity. Many hours were spent on Stack...

Log #3 | Success, High Scores and Logging

Log #3Hello everyone! Welcome back to another DevLog! It's been a while, other things have kind of taken over, and I've not had that much time to work on my current project, Flappy Disk, let alone blogging. Also, the DevLog has had a makeover! Instead of the garbage...

Log #2 | Save data, Coins and Scripts

Welcome back to another Devlog! This time, I'll be talking about trying to do save data, how coins are acting extremely strangely and how some of my scripts are just weird. Ahh yes, Good old save data. A crucial part of a good game. Well, nowadays, more like a crucial...

Log #1 | DevLog, Android and Bugs

Welcome to the first DevLog! In this one, we'll be going through how annoying working with Android in Unity is. First of all, when you click play on the editor, you can play.. for a total of approximately 12 seconds. Then you have to endure the longest minute of your...

Our core values


These are some of our ground rules that we will always strive to never break

  • To not make a game that is deliberately “pay-to-win”
    Games that incentivise paying to gain an advantage are not what we’re about. We will always have
    an alternative to paying to access something that is fair, and that has been rigorously playtested
    and thought of so that it is accessible without needing to spend too much time repeating one action
    over and over.
  • To never deviate from our motto
    We make games, simple as that is what we’ll always stick to. We may make things like merch, or the
    odd side project, but games will always be prioritised.
  • To listen to you
    We will always take feedback and take it extremely seriously, we already have with projects like Flappy Disk. To submit a suggestion, simply email us here, or submit something here, on our official forum.

We may expand these at any time!


Our Games


Flappy Disk is a mobile Android only infinite game, where you jump through obstacles to collect coins.


Fragmented is a short 3D game, only currently built for Windows and was originally just a side project to test out new features