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Log #7

It’s.. definitely been a while.. again.

I’ve gone through quite a big burnout, and really not knowing what to work on, or not liking the project I was working on. It’s still kind of going on, but my creative juices are slowly starting to flow again. 

So, what have I come on this fine day to tell you?

That Flappy Disk is back from the dead!

Yep, that’s right, get out your beige boxes and remember to tell your family to not use the phone lines for a bit, Flappy Disk is back!

After losing the original working source code in a forced system reset, I managed to scrape off what was backed up to Git, and all that was working was the assets, and Flappy Disk is genuinly back!

I was super unsatisfied with how I originally released it, since it was planned to have so much more. If you weren’t a part of the betas, you may have not known that FD had a shop, with different characters with different power ups! 

Early FD was described, to put it blunt, as “The Aldi version of Flappy Bird“, which.. hurt.

This is a very early build of Flappy disk, with the old background. It was made in 5 minutes, in good ol’ Microsoft Paint, The Binary spells out “Flappy Disk” over and over.. I think.. If anyone has the patience to parse out that binary, it would be much appreciated.









As you can see, it was quite.. bland. It missed what gave a game character, what made it stand out from all the other games. 

After all, this was an early alpha, and there aren’t too many screenshots of the game in this phase. 








This is an early screenshot of the shop and.. Jesus I could never get scaling right, could I? These names and descriptions were just placeholders, but looking at that red one just makes me kind of glad this was only pushed to private testers. 

Buying something here did… nothing. It marked it as sold out, took your money and did nothing else. If you left and went back to the shop, it would allow you to buy it again. As you can tell, the shop was not my main priority. 

Fun fact – the shop at this time used the same BGM as Geometry Dash’s shop, titled Bossa Bossa by the one and only, Kevin Macleod.

Ah.. the sweet chills of royalty free music.

Early screenshots of Alpha versions of Flappy Disk

So now that I’ve embarrassed myself with looking at baby photos of FD, lets look on to what Rebuilt Flappy Disk will look like!

I’d love to push a beta out to you guys, but.. embarassingly, I’ve lost the signing certificate used for Flappy Disk. I genuinely thought I backed it up, but clearly I didn’t. So I had to send a request of shame to Google Play, requesting the use of a new certificate by me, and it comes into effect on the 31st at 9:30, so you best know I’ll send a beta build for review to Google. But that in and of itself will take two to three days.


So.. This is a sneek peak of what’s to come to Flappy Disk! New VFX, more polish, and yes, weird aspect ratio users *ahem* Samsung *ahem*, with the new Unity Simulator, I’ll be able to make sure you can see Flappy Disk perfectly fine. 




You may have spotted the new Beta button, and this is where most of the rebuilding will be hiding behind. My vision is an entire UI redesign, with new music, scoring system and working shop. In all beta versions, that’s where it’ll be going, until all the new stuff will be able to trade places, where the original UI will always be able to be re-enabled, and even the ORIGINAL original UI. Yes. I found the files to that.. masterpiece? 

Bugs are already being spotted and fixed by my trusty family, since this dingus forgot to back up their encryption certs.

So yeah, this is what Flappy Disk will be! If you have any suggestions, big or small, do hit us up on either our Twitter, or drop us an email at hello@davidgameco





But that’s it for this DevLog! I hope the gap won’t be as big until the next one, but clearly I am unable to keep anything in a schedule. 

Try Flappy Disk here now before the big change and see how far it’s flown! Also, please consider supporting us below, anything will help us stay motivated and continue maintaining everything! Ad Revenue is not everything!


Quick sidenote: While about to hit publish on this Log, I spotted an option to change the width of the text in Blog posts. And oh my god, it’s been hiding from me. There’s so much room for activities now!