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Log #8

 Again, another long break with nothing but radio silence? What have we been up to now? most likely what you may or may not be thinking.

We’ve been put under a lot of stress recently, and I was really busy on finishing Flappy Disk, which I’ll touch on later.

I was planning on writing a devlog shortly after the whole website went under a redesign, but that swiftly changed after Google Play told us we had 1 month to finish Flappy Disk, but, again, that’s for later.

So. This is a new look. 

We’ve changed our website to match our design language, and used our font site-wide, and to hopefully optimise the speed and legibility of it, as in some places, it was quite off.

This followed out push to keep working on Flappy Disk, and we think it’s much better. If you think otherwise and there’s something we could change, or work on, our emails are always open, at our Contact Form, or just at

Now, to what made us delay everything by a lot: Flappy Disk

Flappy Disk was, and still is in some ways, being rebuilt from a broken state. Long story short, the source code was lost in a data corruption, however an old Git repo had a version of it, in a very broken state, so much so that it would just crash on start, and even Unity was not happy about it. I.. don’t know how I messed that one up that much. Anyway, we ripped all the assets from it, and started replicating it, which was made quite easy, thanks to the fact that we used prefabs quite a bit when working on it.

Prefabs are essentially taking something and storing it in a fancy machine that lets you take a copy of it that can be changed, but when the original item is changed, all the copies of it also get changed. Handy, right?

Anyway, we were hard at work making everything better and coating it in a fresh new layer of paint. Our designers were, and still are, working on new packs for Flappy Disk, that will be implemented soon.

Now for the main topic: why we had to rush Flappy Disk.

I got an email from Google Play saying Flappy Disk could be taken off the Play Store soon, if I didn’t update it. Now, I was, just not on the official Production channel. We were updating on Closed and Open betas. This.. complicated things, as the Prod(uction) channel was for stable, everything-mostly-works builds. Which is what Flappy Disk, at that state, was absolutely not. Due to me recieving the email quite late, we only had a few weeks to finish it, making things that extra bit more stressful. So, I gave the designer the news and I finished Flappy Disk in 3 hours of constant bug-fixing, building, and asking myself “maybe i should just stop – i still have a bit of time..” But regardless, I carried on.

I had to cut many of the features we were promising in this rebuilt version, but those will come. We know how much this has happened lately, and we’re devastated it’s had to come to this, but it was our only option. For more info on what was cut, visit this page and go keep an eye here for more detailed patch notes. 

But that’s it for this DevLog, I’ll try to keep a more frequent schedule in the future.