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Welcome back to another Devlog! This time, I’ll be talking about trying to do save data, how coins are acting extremely strangely and how some of my scripts are just weird.

Ahh yes, Good old save data. A crucial part of a good game. Well, nowadays, more like a crucial part of ANY game, if you want it to be played at least more than once. In Unity, there are these things called “PlayerPrefs” and they stand for Player Preferences (who would’ve guessed?) and they store things as plain text. Me, being the extremely smart individual, decided to store coins, a currency of my game, as PlayerPrefs, as plain text. Feel free to laugh at me. They are meant to be used for preferences, like if you want music to be played or not, not coins! Could you imagine if a game like World of Warcraft stored gold / silver as PLAIN TEXT!? Imagine the mayhem it would induce.

That leads us on nicely to my second talking point of today’s log. Coins. Yeah, they’re kinda broken in the current build. It’s not released, obviously, as coins like to do some funky stuff when you play. Let’s say you play and die when you get to one point. You get one coin. Nice. However, when you get 2 points, you get +3 coins, What!? 8 points. 16 coins. WHAT? I honestly have no clue what on earth is going on in my code. Some funky maths is happening in my scripts. It’s not that its summoning more than one pipe set / hitbox at a time, I checked for that. This all happened when I revamped the save system (which is still very much broken)

Well, I think that’s the end of this DevLog. I’ll see you in the next one. Stay Hydrated!