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Log #5

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another DevLog!

It’s been a while, for a few reasons.

One: I’ve been on holiday, spending time with family, and not thinking that much about creating games.

Two: I have been thinking, however, about potential game ideas, since my mind has completely gone blank with ideas recently.


I have good news!

I have thought of a game idea! While talking with someone, I brought up my struggling to think of game ideas, and they helped me quite a bit! They passed me their laptop, and their pen, and told me to think of a game story and they’ll come back after a while. I was quite slow at first, however, I eventually went full steam ahead with my train of thought. It was quite tacky at first, however, with some going through and editing, I got a solid plan!

I then hopped onto Unity, and started making a title screen and thought of a name. I’ll tell you it at the end. I spent way too long on it and then realized I actually needed a character sprite. I have zero artistic abilities so I got on the Unity Asset Store and started looking for a good one. I found one that was quite good and one I could afford with a limited budget. I then spent more time on the title screen for some reason and I needed to stop as I was being extremely antisocial.

I won’t be at my main computer for quite a while, so development on my laptop won’t be as good, but it has similar specs to my PC. So I’ll live. Well, I guess I’ll get game developing, since I have nothing better to do.

Quick sidenote:

I recently started having quite a few issues with my mouse and microphone, so I decided it was time for an upgrade; I was using a cheap, £20 mic, and a mouse, heavily used by 2 different people, from 2015. So, I got Amazon up and googled the best budget mics and mice. I ended up buying the Razer Seiren X (get one here) and the Razer Viper Mini (get one here). Now that it’s been a few months, I feel like it’s a great time to review them. 

Razer Viper Mini:

So far, I’ve loved using my Viper Mini. It’s held up really well, and the integration with Razer’s Synapse 3 and the customisability of it, from changing the RGB LEDs on the mouse to changing what right click does, has been wonderful. It no longer needs you to scroll 10 times to go down 2 pixels, and it actually clicks instead of deciding to click once every so often.

Razer Seiren X:

Being the “middle child” of the Razer Seiren line, it sits comfortably in between the little puck that is the Seiren Mini and the Seiren Elite. Now, I’m by no means an audiophile, so here are some quotes by my Discord friends:

Yeah, it sounds good

There’s no more annoying buzz in the background

“[Through a microphone that sounds like it was being run on GLaDOS’ Potato, recorded in a 100m^2 warehouse, 10 feet below water] ẉ̸̍h̴̥̊a̸̭̒ť̷̰?̸͔͑”

So there you have it. 

One quite important thing: If you plan on connecting it to a microphone arm, make sure to buy some adaptors that fit!!! I personally used these screw bits, however your milage may vary, as (at time of writing) these seem to be Currently unavailable. so I found these that should fit and (again, at time of writing) seem to be in stock. However, any screw bits that fit the “Blue Yeti / Snowball” seem to fit the Seiren X. 

So, now that you’ve gotten all the way to the end, you have a little teaser of my next game!

More teasers will be uploaded onto my Ko-Fi Page and will be accessible with any subscription, starting at £2 / month, about the price of a Greggs’ hot chocolate.

Anywho, stay safe and hydrated!

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