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Log #9 – updated.

[UPDATE: 24/09/23]

We’ve recieved an email from Unity stating their changes to their plan. And, to put it shortly, we are sticking with Unity, at least for now.

Put the pitchforks down.

Yes, we have stated that we are no longer going to work with them later down in this article, and to be honest, they’ve made a goodish choice. While it’s not perfect, it’s much better, and we believe it’s fair.

Let’s break it down.

Unity previously announced up to $0.20/install, for any game built with the Unity Game Engine, and for installs made after January 1st, 2024. This was announced to be measured by a sort of “black box”, so to speak. There were several issues with this, be it install-bombing, piracy, etc.. This caused heavy backlash, and is where this blog post stemmed from.

The new changes promise no fees for the Personal plan – the plan we’re on as we make under the $200,000 revenue ceiling for Personal, and it’s all self-reported, no more blackbox. There’s also two options for the fee, either a fixed per-install fee, or 2.5% of your revenue. See the chart below for more info. Again, we’re exempt from it. 


We’ve also decided that due to the fact that we’re all used to Unity, and all our internal docs, templates and just general muscle memory is used to Unity, it would be beneficial for us to stay with them.

One big however..

We’re contributing and donating to Godot, and always keeping an eye out on what decisions Unity are doing. 

Again, we don’t support the decisions they’ve made and our trust in them has been severely degraded. I’ll keep my personal opinions out of this as much as I can, as we always try to keep a neutral, no-bias state here, with an open mind and we always listen to valuable contributions and voices.

The unedited blog post is below, before the pricing changes (seen to the left

Game development and updates will re-start shortly!


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Welcome back to another DevLog! Shorter distance between the last two posts this time, I’m getting better!

So, now to the main point of this post. We’re making a huge decision that’s out of our control. We’ve been forced to make this due to some, frankly, horrible business decisions on Unity’s end.

As some of you may know we’ve been using Unity to make our games and we’ve based everything around it, our internal docs, all our knowledge is based on the Unity Syntax and how scripting interacts with objects.


In light of recent events regarding Unity’s new policies, fees, and decisions, we’ve made the decision to jump ship to a different game engine called Godot. Godot is open-source, based on C# and hopefully won’t be too much of a pain to switch to.

So.. what does this mean for current development?

It’s being paused. All our power will now be focused on switching to Godot. It’s going to be a shaky start, but the first order of business is removing “Made with Unity” from the background of Flappy Disk. We are no longer proud to be working with a business that is making decisions that go against our own morals.

If you want to find out more about the changes they’re making, there’s probably a megathread somewhere with all the stupid decisions they’ve made.

Our Ko-Fi donation goal will now be changed to something else, as the previous one was Unity-related.

This one’s going to be quite short, since we want to get to switching as soon as possible so we can get you new games and updates ASAP.

We’ll be regularly monitoring these comments for possible questions or suggestions, and our Twitter and Ko-Fi DMs are always open.

If you’d like to support us on our way out of Unity, the best way you could do so is with the Ko-Fi widget below.

Time to get migrating…