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Flappy Disk Notice

What’s going on?

Due to complications with Google Play, we’ve had to significantly push the release date earlier, leaving us less time to implement the features we’ve promised. 


Read more about what’s being cut back below.

Last updated: 19/11/23.

What’s being cut back?

 1. The shop. Working on it!

Possibly the feature that was most worked on and looked forward to by us, is going to need to be delayed. It will still come, just in a future update. We are extremely sorry for this, as when we recieved this notice, the shop was still in a shell state.

2. The reworked score system.

Another big feature that had to be cut. This is because we haven’t gotten around to implementing this yet, as other things have been priorotised.

3. Different themes. Working on it!

This ties in with the shop, as you can’t have a theme selector without a way to aquire the themes. Our designers are also not currently finished on our themes, and we do not have all the assets to implement themes to our standard.

4. Localisation. Implemented!

We have almost finished translating Flappy Disk and all its text to the two languages we are targeting, however it has barely been implemented further than a Proof-Of-Concept state.

5. Different Game Modes.

This was another feature heavily requested by our testers which is currently in the planning phase, but has also been pushed back to a later date

6. Google Play Games Integration.

This was going to be vital to integrate leaderboards and cloud-saved coins and high scores so you keep your progress even if you uninstall the game, or get a new phone. This could also allow friends to compete, however this has also been delayed.

Reminder: These features are not being cancelled, but pushed back to another date due to complications.

This involves the fact that the release version is using an outdated SDK that Google no longer supports and therefore requires us to deprecate that version. As we’ve been building to an Open Beta track, the release version is still from May of 2022.

Again, we apologise for the delays on these features,

– The team at DGC.