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A bit of a break from the reguLAr.

Hi, this is a bit of a different thing than what I usually write about, and what I tend to share.

If you did not know, DGC Studios is based in England, and as the new PM has come in, he’s made some changes, some that I think the media is not spreading enough about. 

I tend to avoid talking about political subjects, however this one inpacts me and my close friends the most.

This is heavily inspired from Stonewall’s view on this matter. The petition link at the bottom is also directly from Stonewall.

 — January 21 update 

I wish, I wish I could’ve put something positive on here. But no. The motion has been passed. GRPs are no longer recognised in the United Kingdom.

I cannot put into words how plain dissapointed I am at the UK government for letting this bill pass, just after one of the biggest trans rights move in history. The UK has put up a massive f*ck you to trans people and blocked Scotland’s pro-trans bill.

This is possibly the only time I will cover something even remotely political, and it has to be negative.


A new motion is being put in place by the UK government to end reciprocal recognition of Gender Recognition Certificates (or GRCs) from countries that support trans people changing their legal gender using a self-determination model. This is shocking coming from a country that I’ve mostly seen to be pretty pride friendly.

This comes as the UK Government considers challenging the Scottish Government’s mandate to implement the Gender Recognition Reform (GRR) Bill – a bill that was passed with overwhelming cross-party support from MSPs (Members of the Scottish Parliament) in December 2022.

Trans people from countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand have had their GRSs respected by the UK for years. Putting an end to this system is a horrible move, in my opinion, that is not based on any evidence or experience, and will essentially act as a ‘no go zone’ for trans people.

Ending the recognition of GRCs from as many as fourteen countries who are our close allies and seeking to block the implemation of the Scottish GRR Bill have significant consequences for trans people who are directly affected. But this also sends a message that the UK Government sees trans people as a threat to be contained, not citizens to be respected.

These moves destroy and tear down the inclusive values that characterises modern Britain and will actively harm the UK’s international reputation as an open, diverse, friendly and welcoming – one of the reasons why global corporations that proudly support LGBTQ+ rights are attracted to doing business in the UK. They will have significant political consequences in the UK and internationally.

The UK Census tells us that trans people make up only 0.5% of our population, and trans men and women who can benefit from the Gender Recognition Reform Bill are only 0.2%. Trans people are at high risk of experiencing hate crime, which has been rising precipitately year on year. They wait years and years to get a first appointment with NHS healthcare specialists that can support their transition. Trans children are bullied in our schools, trans adults are bullied in their workplaces with CIPD research showing trans workers are 80% more likely than their cisgender colleagues to feel psychologically unsafe at work.

The UK Government should be focused on developing and implementing a strategy that improves the lives of all LGBTQ+ people, not harming trans people even more. Twenty years on from the repeal of Section 28, the Prime Minister risks re-toxifying his party’s brand by repeating historic mistakes. I hope the PM will review this course and focus instead on helping the potential of LGBTQ+ people across the UK.

Me, myself as a gay and asexual male find this appauling from the UK government, and they should be doing better.

Please, if you are based in the UK, try and do whatever you can to help stop this motion.