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cookie information

what are cookies, anyway?

How they work

Cookies are, to put it simply, a text file. They’re a file that has two different types, the client one, and the server one. You, on your computer would have the client cookie, this is the one that gets stored and the one you need to press something like “I Accept” to have.

Essentially, your browser holds this file, and any time it sends any request to the server it holds a cookie with, it sends the cookie along with it. Be it whether you prefer dark mode, or to remember your login, cookies are extremely useful.

How cookies have been exploited

The creator of web cookies made one big rule with cookies. No one cookie can be sent to two different websites. This, for quite a few reasons, was a really good move by him. This prevents tracking, exploiting and info-collecting of users.

However, some people have managed to get around this rule and track people anyway. Some people choose to put tracking scripts on their websites, for quite harmless reasons, like seeing which pages have the most traffic, and which don’t. We choose not to implement these features, but some people find it useful.

How companies like Google have twisted cookies is by using these tracking scripts and placing a cookie in this tracking script. Now, any website that has this same tracking script will also recieve this cookie. See the issue?

Now, two different websites are recieving the same cookie.

But, why should I care?

You should 100% care. Large companies now store your information, and are actively selling and buying more of it, and there isn’t much you can do. Sure, you could send an email to each and every one that stores it, and they should delete it, thanks to GDPR. However, who knows now how many different companies now hold your info?

So now, ads are being targeted to you based on the sites you look at, and quite a bit of money is being spent on you! This is all in the hope that you’ll click on something that was targeted to you and they’ll make profit!

You ever start browsing around on sites like Google, or Amazon for a certain something, then the next day, then that same thing starts appearing on your favourite social media sites, in the form of ads, or even recommended to you? Yeah, that’s your info being sold and bought!


what do we use cookies for?

Necessary Cookies – these are always on.


We use cookies to remember what language you use. We are currently in the process of expanding our translated pages, so not all of it may be up-to-date or done.


We have quite a few contact forms on our site, and to reduce spam, we use services like Google’s ReCaptcha services to make sure you are a human, and are genuinely wanting to contact us. On each site this is enabled, you’ll see a ReCaptcha badge at the bottom right.

Your cookie settings

We use cookies to remember.. your cookie settings! If you disable cookies, saying you don’t want cookies, and you won’t be prompted again.

Functional Cookies – these can be disabled.


We use cookies to remember your logins, if you’re logged in or not, and to remember your password for ease so you don’t need to keep typing it in every time you access our site.

what don’t we use cookies for?

Tracking you

We don’t use cookies to track you across our site, how long you stay here, or any other method of tracking you. We used to have an analytics service, so those cookies may still be saved on your browser. You can remove these with ease, just search “How to clear site data on <your browser>” on your favourite search engine. 

Invading your privacy

We don’t use cookies to identify you and see your habits. Many other websites use services like these to target ads and different products to you, however we do not, and never will use these services.


We don’t use cookies to target ads to you, as we simply have no ads! DGC Studios is powered by all our donators and members, and our shoppers! If you want to keep it that way, you’ll find donation buttons scattered all over our website! Feel free to leave a creative message, or stay in the dark by donating anonymously!